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    Bo’ness exhibition tells story of Scotland’s history of film

    Written by on February 11, 2020

    An exhibition at Bo’ness library is highlighting Scotland’s cinema history – including the local Hippodrome theatre.

    ‘Going to the Pictures’ tells the story of cinema in Scotland, the golden age of film, and famous filming locations across the country.

    It also features an exhibit on the Hippodrome, which was built over a century ago.

    It’s Scotland’s oldest active cinema.

    The exhibition’s being held at Bo’ness Library, and runs until 27th March.

    Lesley O’Hare, Culture and Libraries Manager, Falkirk Community Trust said:

    “Working with the National Library of Scotland to host this exhibition in Bo’ness has provided a wonderful opportunity for the Trust to showcase the significant role that the Hippodrome has played in the lives of generations of film lovers for more than 100 years. We hope the Going to the Pictures exhibition and its associated events programme will prove to be a great addition to this year’s HippFest programme.”

    Calum MacGillivray, Exhibitions Officer at the National Library of Scotland, said:

    “Scotland is and always has been a nation of film lovers. The majority of us have been to the cinema at least once, and some will recall the glamour and excitement of it all from decades past.

    “This display covers early portrayals of Scotland and its people – from tartan heroes and romantic landscapes to quirky locals and harsh city living. But we have since reclaimed our own stories for the screen with a burgeoning film and documentary making tradition.

    “We hope it will evoke memories of the films, people and cinemas that have been significant in people’s lives.”