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    CAP Scotland

    Lifting the weight of debt in Forth Valley

    Free debt advice and personal support in Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire

    Book your free appointment 0800 328 0006

    If you are feeling weighed down by debt, then CAP can help. You may think your situation is impossible, but there is hope. CAP’s friendly team will give you a listening ear in confidential appointments and provide a practical solution to your debts.

    1. Local appointments

    After you call CAP, a Debt Coach from the Forth Valley CAP Debt Centre will carry out your first appointment.

    2. An effective budget

    CAP’s trained Debt Advisors will work out a realistic budget that prioritises your essential bills. They will negotiate affordable payments with each creditor and attempt to stop unfair interest and charges where possible. Your local Debt Coach will then explain the budget and the payments you will need to make.

    3. CAP Plan

    In most cases, a CAP Plan is set up for you. You will need to make one monthly payment into your CAP Plan to cover your debts and also bills if appropriate. CAP will then distribute this on your behalf. You can also build up savings through your CAP Plan.

    4. Severe Debt

    If you are in severe debt, CAP can walk you through insolvency options, such as petitioning for bankruptcy and helping you fill out the forms.

    5. Debt free

    You can use your CAP Plan to pay your bills and debt repayments until you are debt free. CAP look forward to celebrating with you when you cross the finish line!

    CAP know it takes a lot of courage to make the first call. But the sooner you ring, the sooner you will have peace of mind.

    Call free on: 0800 328 0006 (the lines are open 9.30am-5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.30am- 3.30pm on Fridays)


    Does it cost anything? The service is completely free. CAP are able to provide a totally free service because CAP is a charity and receives donations from churches and individuals who want to help people.

    What other help is available? Local volunteers can help with some practical needs. Talk to your Debt Coach about any urgent needs that you have. From time to time, CAP run the CAP Money Course which is a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works.

    Will my creditors cooperate with CAP? Yes. CAP have worked with over 1,000 companies within the finance industry and are well respected. This means that councils, utilities and mortgage companies work with CAP because they have seen the results of our involvement. They know CAP offer fair repayments based on what you can afford.

    Is CAP just for Christians? No. CAP will help anyone regardless of their religious beliefs. CAP are committed to our service being available to all individuals regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. CAP will
    take appropriate measures to monitor this.

    What CAP clients say:

    “CAP took a lot of the pressure and worries from me. They just cared, and that’s what helped me the most. I’m budgeting better through CAP; I feel as if there is a future for me and I will eventually be debt free.” Kay

    “With CAP, you’ve got food in your cupboard, all your bills are paid, nobody’s phoning you asking for money. It’s such a weight off your shoulders. You’re not a slave to debt – and that’s priceless.” Reg and Janice

    “I was living on £20 a week to feed my family and pay all the bills. You see yourself as that much of a failure that you can only see one way out; you think your family is better off without you. CAP saved my life, no exaggeration.” Brian

    For more information please go to: capscotland.org

    Supported by funding from the Scottish Government