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    Nearly 90% of Scots back ban on firework sales

    Written by on November 5, 2019

    Nearly 90% of people across Scotland support a ban on firework sales.

    That’s according to a Scottish Government study.

    A Scottish Government review group’s considering restrictions on firework sales across the country.

    It’s after a public survey found 94% support tighter controls on the sale of fireworks – and 87% in favour of an outright ban.

    Meanwhile, more than 9 in 10 respondents want stronger regulations to make sure animals are not caused “unnecessary” suffering as a result of fireworks.

    More than 16 thousand people responded to the survey.

    Community Safety Minister Ash Denham said: “The results of both our public consultation and national survey demonstrate overwhelming public support for a change in how fireworks are sold and used in Scotland.

    “While legislation on the sale of fireworks is reserved to Westminster, we need a full and frank can you buy uti antibiotics over the counter debate on how fireworks are sold and I will continue to press the UK Government on this issue.

    “Our fireworks review group will now consider how best to use the powers at our disposal to drive forward action to reduce the damage caused by fireworks misuse.

    “We want to ensure that every community is able to enjoy fireworks without fear of their inappropriate use and I look forward to working closely with communities, key partners and the fireworks industry to achieve this.”