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    Dionne Hickey

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    Evening Show

    Evening Show With Dionne Hickey

    We managed to grab 5 minutes with Dionne to ask her some very important questions:

    Tell us five things we don’t know about you:

    – As well as radio presenting I’m also a singer, children’s vocal coach, festival host and nursery teacher (I’m a very busy lady!)

    – I can lick my elbow even though it’s “impossible”

    – I supported and met The Jackson’s

    – I have been obsessed with Bob Marley since before I could talk

    – I write my own music

    What do you love about the Forth Valley?

    Everyone knows everyone and it’s such a friendly and supportive community! I’ve grown up in Falkirk and wouldn’t have had it any other way!

    Tell me what I need to know?

    When I first found out I could sing I had no confidence and had to face the wall and couldn’t talk to a crowd for years…now I’m a singer and a radio presenter… what you need to know? FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND NEVER GIVE UP!

    Do you have any irrational fears?

    E45 moisturiser, Banana boat blue gel after sun, and Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street

    What’s your favourite movie?

    I am terrible at this question because I have about 50, Beauty And The Beast and Rocky Horror Picture Show are up there!

    Do you have any gossip about another Central FM presenter?

    Hmm, not gossip, but Joe interviewed me on his breakfast show when I was about 20!

    Do or did you have any nicknames?

    Dee, Dee Dee, Disney Dionne and Celine
    What has been your most embarrassing on air moment?When I was younger I was live on air for a talent competition. I have a terrible habit of snorting when I laugh and I gave out the BIGGEST snort which all my friends then took the micky out of me for later! Hopefully I don’t do this on my show but keep an ear out cause there is a 95% chance it’ll happen at some point.

    Favourite Song?

    Again, I am awful at this question. I’d have to say Layla by Derek And The Dominos and Samba de Janeiro by Bellini… bangers! Also Doctor Jones by Aqua is my ultimate favourite night out song.

    Night in or night out?

    Night out, only because with working weekends I don’t often get them

    If you didn’t work at Central FM what would be doing?

    Having less fun and listening to people tell me I’d be good at radio presenting but never actually doing it!

    I love 103.1 Central FM because?

    Being from Falkirk I have grown up with the station! We play the best songs, the team are great and it’s real local radio which is rare now a days