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    Central FM have joined forces with Slimming World to help you battle the bulge!


    Join Kevin John on his journey with Slimming World each Monday on the Home Run.  Kevin will be updating us all on his progress each week; a slimming world consultant from the Forth Valley will be on his show to share healthy tips and updates on how you can get fit for 2021 to help you reach your goals. 



    Week 11 update


    Smashed it! When I started my weight loss journey with Slimming World I was aiming to lose 2 stones. 11 weeks have since passed and on the 10th weigh in this week I’m another 3 pounds lighter: That’s a total loss of 2 stones 2 pounds – and the gig’s not over yet! This week on the Home Run Show I spoke with another inspirational slimmer who just happens to now be a Slimming World Consultant. Gordon Farquarson lost over 5 stones within a year to get down to his target weight. That is phenomenal and both of us are living proof that you can lose serious weight with Slimming World. And don’t forget John Dick who we met previously who lost half his body weight and reversed his type 2 diabetes!
    Remember this isn’t like normal diets. You can eat loads of food. It is just all about the choices you make. Virtually nothing is off the menu but of course moderation is the name of the game. Once you eat more of the foods that are ‘free’ you won’t need to snack like you used to!  
    There is no better time to start than right now so why not sign up, get your pack, attend the online classes…and get ready for the slim new you just in time for lockdown easing. Go on grab the bull by the horns and check out your local class at slimmingworld.co.uk

    Listen again to Kevin chatting with Gordon

    Week 10 update


    I’m a happier chap this week as my weight loss has doubled from one pound to two! Rather frustratingly though, I’m just one pound away from losing a full two stones! Ah well, there’s always next week!
    I know I made noises about getting on with more ‘body magic’ also known as exercise but in truth I only went for one half hour brisk walk. The weather was pretty poor to be fair. As long as the weight keeps coming off, I’m fine. I’ve managed to pack myself into a slightly slimmer wardrobe so am happy I didn’t throw that stuff away!
    It is amazing how you can eat very full meals with Slimming World and yet lose weight. I’ve been tucking into everything from sausage casseroles with mash to ‘beef burger bolognaise’ with pasta – and loads of it! It’s not like a diet, more a new way of looking at the food you eat.
    Why not join me and sign up at your local Slimming World class? They are all virtual for now but don’t be put off by the tech. You can take part just using your mobile phone! Use the postcode checker at slimmingworld.co.uk to locate the class closest to you!

    Week 9 update


    It was the eighth weigh in today and I’m a tad disappointed to report just a one pound weight loss this week. Net loss from the start though is a hefty 1 Stone 11 pounds. Claire Aitkenhead (whose class I am In) assured me that I’m still on course and pointed out a loss is a loss and I should be delighted with that.
    As long as the weather is decent I have vowed to get out for some walks this next week so maybe that will kickstart things….and then there will be some gardening to get on with very soon as the grass is showing signs of growth.
    If you managed to catch the Monday Weigh In this week you will have heard from Claire’s star pupil, the truly inspirational John Dick who is now literally half the man he used to be in terms of weight –  now 8 stone 4.5 pounds lighter! He was spurred on by a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and it has been totally reversed by the weight loss so Slimming World has been a life changer and saver for him. Well done John!
    Let’s hope I can shift a bit more weight next week as I would like to reach the 2 stone off marker. We’ll find out next Monday….

    Week 8 update


    This past week has kind of been more of the same.. It is a winning formula as I’ve lost another 2lbs so that’s 1 stone 10lbs so far. A bag of sugar off my waistline every week is great with me! To be honest I’ve not been exercising so far, put off by the weather up until now. With the days getting longer and frankly being a bit lighter in myself, I may embark on some walking soon and engaging in what Slimming World calls ‘Body Magic’ which is basically any form of getting off your bum and getting moving! That can surely only speed up the weight loss! 

    At the current rate of loss I should reach 2 stone in another couple of weeks if not before which is fantastic.

    With the vaccines going in arms now it won’t be long before we all get out and about a bit more. Do you want to lose your lockdown pounds and get into the clothes you used to wear? Well why not join me at Slimming World and sign up with your local class. Everything is virtual for now so you can join a class on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or muckle huge desktop computer. Just visit slimmingworld.co.uk and find your local class using their postcode checker. 

    Week 7 update


    I lost 4lbs last week…and this week the weight has continued to come off with another 2lbs falling away. That’s 1 stone 8lbs altogether so I received another award (one and a half stone) in my weekly meeting. When I spoke to James Martin, this week’s Slimming World consultant on the show, I expressed my disappointment at losing half as much weight this week compared to last. He was very reassuring and explained that it is just the way your body works and reminded me that losing 1 to 2 lbs a week is good steady progress and is a healthy rate of loss.

    In other news, other members of my family have lost 16lbs between them since we started eating the Slimming World way and Ann Marie Miller (Central FM station Manager) has lost 11lbs so far and is absolutely delighted. She may of course sack me for telling you!

    It turns out Slimming World locally are looking for new consultants and anyone who has lost half a stone with Slimming World can apply for part time and full time positions. If you missed the feature on the Home Run you can listen again right here on this page! It could be the start of a whole new career:

    Remember eating the  Slimming World way is not like being on a diet. You can eat huge quantities of food and still lose weight. Why not join me and lose some lockdown beef so you are ready for the world opening up again? It’s easy to find your local online class using the postcode checker at slimmingworld.co.uk.

    Week 6 update


    After a week that included TWO significant eating hurdles, namely Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, I faced the scales this morning in fear and trepidation. I needn’t have worried as I was down another 4lbs this week. Total weight loss for me in 5 weeks is now 1 stone 6lbs or 20lbs – That’s about 10 bags of sugar in even older money. Kilo’s just don’t do it for me! Others in the family (and I’m mentioning no names on fear of death), have lost a further 14.5 lbs between them as following the same menu, and they were not blooters like me to begin with. As you can imagine, they are absolutely delighted and say that there is no going back. Remember you can catch the latest updates on the Home Run Show every Monday at 10 past 5 and if you would like to join me on my weight loss journey, it’s easy.Just go to slimmingworld.co.uk and use the postcode checker to find your local class. For now it is all online using Zoom. Most of the world has discovered in this past year that it is really easy to use, even just on your mobile phone with the free app. Now the next eating challenge to get past is Pancake Tuesday.

    Week 5 update

    As you’ll remember, I was a bit concerned that I might plateau or even put on some weight this week thanks to our family Come Dine With Me challenge. Three and four course meals were the order of the day and alcohol too. How come then that I lost another 2lbs? Careful choices for the most part! We all had different themes from ‘Broadway’ to ‘The 1970’s’  to ‘Disney’ and then my own theme was ‘Slimming World’ using recipes from their extensive website: Garlic bread, maple glazed chicken with rice and sugar snap peas and tiramisu  – plus a skinny mojito on the side. All the food was great but sadly Mum and Dad did not win! Our daughters were the joint winners.
    This week on the Monday Weigh-In I spoke with Slimming World Consultant Paula Cairns and she had some great ideas not just for Valentine’s Day but also for celebrating Chinese New year.
    Remember there’s no need to pile on the pounds during lockdown. With Slimming World you can still enjoy great food and get the weight loss you want. It’s easy to sign up and find your local class at slimmingworld.co.uk….so why not join me on my weight loss adventure?

    Listen to Kevin in conversation with slimming world consultant, Paula Cairns


    Week 4 update

    The news this week is that more weight has come off and I have been certified! Yes a certificate has been awarded celebrating the loss of a full stone by week three of my weight loss challenge with Slimming World.

    On the Monday Weigh In this week I spoke with Slimming World consultant Lisa White who came up with more great advice. I told her I was afraid of this week as for a bit of fun we are having a family Come Dine With Me cooking challenge and that is going to mean three course dinners for four nights. How can I lose weight under these circumstances? Lisa assures me that it is still possible with some careful choices. I think I might be happy with staying steady next week but I have committed to a 2lb weight loss. Wish me luck! Our Tony on the Daytime Show is a Come Dine With Me champion and his top tip is to get your opposition drunk. He may have a point…
    Why not join me on my weight loss challenge? Remember it is easy to find your local class with all the online support you need. Just go to the Slimming World home page and use the postcode checker.

    Listen to Kevin in conversation with slimming world consultant, Lisa White

    Week 3 Update
    With great fear and trepidation I hit the scales this morning…and I’ve lost another 4lbs – so that’s a total of 12 lbs so far! Nearly a stone.
    Today I spoke with James Martin on the show, no not that James Martin. This James is the Slimming World Consultant covering the area from Cumbernauld to Denny. When I told him that I’d had a big roast dinner at the weekend but went easy on the gravy, he explained that there is a creative Slimming World alternative to gravy made with mushy peas and Oxo cubes – and it is Syn free! I’ll need to try that next time. As it is Burns Night, I needed to know if there was a Slimming World alternative to Haggis as it can be quite fatty. Of course there is using lean lamb which sounds much better than the usual offel. There’s even a unique way of preparing your neeps in the microwave called the ‘Singing Swede’. Apparently the name comes from the noise it makes in the microwave when cooking. You put it in whole, you don’t even need to prick the swede or wash it as you discard the skin. Just place it in the microwave and cook for 15 minutes, turning once. As it cooks it will whistle a medley of Abba’s greatest hits (I need to check this!). Just cut the top off and you’ll find it is thoroughly cooked and doesn’t even require mashing.
    Why not join me on my weight loss journey? You can find your local group using the postcode checker on the Slimming World website.

    Listen to Kevin in conversation with slimming world consultant, James Martin

    Week 2 Update
    Hopefully you’ve heard already…I stepped on the scales for the first Monday Weigh In and I’ve lost a fantastic 8lbs…that’s more than half a stone! The best bit is that I never felt I was starving myself as I followed the Food Optimising Plan at Slimming World and there’s so much ‘free food’ to enjoy and fill up on. You are given a set number of syns to use as well and your allocation depends on your current weight and height. You also get to enjoy more syns as a bloke! The syns mean you can still enjoy things like alcohol, chocolate and desserts etc. The system just makes you think before you syn so you don’t go over the top. I suppose it is slowly retraining your brain and its connection with food.
    Let’s hope the weight keeps coming off…and I guess I’ll find out next Monday!

    Week 1 Update


    Well that’s me all signed up for my weight loss adventure with Slimming World. I had a chance to speak with Claire Aitkenhead who looks after the good people of Carron and Carronshore who want to develop healthier eating habits which you may have heard on my Home Run Show. There will be weekly updates every Monday at just after 5pm on Central FM.


    Finding your local class is as easy as going to the Slimming World website (slimmingworld.co.uk) and putting in your postcode. Around six options will appear, then putting in your info is a breeze. You’ll get a comprehensive membership pack in the post that explains everything from free food to food optimizing. With a certain global pandemic at large, meeting are all taking place via Zoom. If you’ve not used it before, it’s really easy to use on a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.

    At my first meeting everyone was very welcoming and helpful. I’ve discovered that you can eat anything and everything…just some things in more moderation than others – hence the syn system! Who would have thought that a Lidl sliced sausage has more syns than the Aldi version!
    I’ve only just started but will keep you updated on my successes and maybe even failures!




    Slimming World was founded by Margaret Miles-Bramwell at the age of 21. She had struggled with her own weight since childhood.


    From her own experience, Margaret understood that people who are overweight carry a double burden – the physical burden of excess weight and the, often heavier, emotional burden of shame, self-criticism and low self-esteem.



    Margaret’s mission was to create a new kind of weight management programme delivered to people through a brand-new kind of organisation. The diets at the time relied on hunger, restriction and humiliation and based on, at best, achieved short-term results. Margaret had a vision for a positive, practical system of support to help people learn new habits and achieve long-term results.


    Margaret opened her first group in a small church hall in Alfreton, Derbyshire, England in September 1969. It was a small step for Margaret and a giant leap for the weight loss industry. Slimming World had landed.


    The programme introduced a healthy, flexible eating plan based on everyday foods to help people lose weight without ever going hungry. It was a practical plan that worked with normal life and didn’t require complex weighing and measuring or obsessive counting. And, above all, it included a warm, friendly and open group support system to motivate, inspire and empower slimmers to make changes for life. Her vision transformed the weight management industry at the time and her ongoing understanding and innovation makes Slimming World a leader to this day.



    Based on a true belief that genuine support, care and belief in helping each other creates the best success,
    Slimming World’s reputation spread. Over the years, Slimming World has grown to become the UK and Ireland’s favourite way to lose weight. Millions of people in the UK and Ireland have attended Slimming World’s community based groups and learned about Food Optimising, thousands of people have undergone training as Slimming World Consultants and increasing numbers of people are logging on to Slimming World’s digital weight loss programme, Slimming World Online.


    In recent decades the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  recognised the effectiveness
    of Slimming World’s approach. They have worked in partnership with the NHS, local authorities and workplaces to provide evidence-based, cost-effective weight loss support for many years. Slimming World also work in partnership with a number of public sector and third sector organisations including Royal Colleges and key public health organisations to improve the wider understanding of the issues faced by people who struggle with weight. Slimming World lobbies for a healthier environment and to ensure clear, consistent advice is given by the Government and associated agencies. And they have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds working with universities to further the understanding of the physiology and psychology of obesity and weight management to help people lead healthier and happier lives.




    Every week, we shall feature a delicious recipe for you to try out. Here is this week’s delicious recipe!



    For more delicious recipes, head here:

    If you are interested in becoming a slimming world consultant, contact any one of the Team Developers for the Areas:

    Claire Aitkenhead Team Developer Stirling Area   07479 471157
    John Aitkenhead Team Developer Falkirk Area     07713 348474
    James Martin Team Developer Cumbernauld Area  07896 559955